Behavior-Based Observation

For many organizations, a safety program is the cost of doing business—essential for maintaining the welfare of workers, avoiding compliance penalties and controlling insurance costs—but often not a strategic priority. With increasing competitive pressure, economic volatility and stakeholder expectations, a passive and reactive approach to workplace safety simply can’t deliver enough value throughout your organization—or to your bottom line. "Good enough" isn’t, anymore.

Industrial Safety
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Is Your Safety Program Delivering Enough Value?

Innovative organizations are becoming the top industry financial performers, with a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to safety now a strategic focus for many of them. Industry studies are demonstrating time after time that there is a direct relationship between strong safety cultures and higher productivity and profitability.

Safety is No Accident

Preventing the impacts of at-risk workplace behaviors doesn't just help to reduce costs—it improves operating performance and expands revenue generating capacity. But getting there presents a challenge that is motivating many businesses to view safety in a broader organizational context. To do that, they start with understanding all the dimensions of safety, and identifying the critical missing pieces that are standing in the way of a high-performing safety culture.

Safety Culture & Safety Climate: Gaining Insight from Behavior

Make no mistake, even without your active engagement and participation, your safety culture will define itself—and not for the better. To build a high-performing safety culture, your organization must be an active agent of change focused on increasing the value of safety across the enterprise. Because a safety culture reflects your organization’s longer-term commitment to safety and the shared values that surround it, it tends to evolve more slowly over time. 

If you don’t invest in observing and identifying at-risk behaviors, it’s hard to gain the insight necessary to make key safety decisions—decisions that can dramatically improve both the welfare of your workers, as well as your organization’s key performance indicators. What’s more, if you don’t communicate those key behavioral insights to employees at every level of the corporate structure, disengagement will further erode your safety culture.

SafetyCapture® onDemand: An Integrated Behavior-Based Safety System

Ensure your behavior-based safety program is a critical component of your organization’s holistic safety strategy with proven return on investment. SafetyCapture® onDemand delivers the behavior-based safety system and integrated services you need to build a high-performance safety culture. It starts with a strategic, 360° approach to your data: how you collect and capture it, how you process it, and how you communicate timely safety insight throughout your organization.

Capture the Right Data, the Right Way—the First Time

When it comes to safety observation data, you can’t measure what you don’t capture—and you get what you measure. Capturing the right data, the right way, is a critical first step in your behavior-based safety program. Once you've decided the key safety observations you want to capture, SafetyCapture onDemand helps you optimize the design of your safety observation forms for automated data collection. Professionally designed forms are easy for workers to complete, setting the stage for rapid scanning and processing of your time sensitive safety observation data. By supporting a best-practice approach focused on automation, we help to accelerate the transformation of your raw safety data into actionable insight you can share through your reporting and feedback systems.

"[Scantron and IndustrySafe] are solution-oriented and their value system is in direct concert with our desire to understand and eliminate the leading causes of injury and illness."
Joseph P. Henderson, General Manager Safety and Security, Brinderson L.P.