Corporate Training Solutions

Running a training department can be difficult. Simply creating useful classes and content is often not enough. To create programs that best support your organization's goals, you also need to measure participant performance, get feedback on course usability and instructor effectiveness, and collect participant and instructor data.

Corporate Training
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Evaluations & Surveys
Data Collection

As a training professional you have to conduct tests to measure your student's knowledge. Automating this process saves time and increases accuracy. Due to our deep history in data collection we fully understand the requirements of a strong, effective testing application. Our testing software allows you to create, administer and score tests on paper, via networks or over the internet. Depending on your need, we have the testing solution that will work for you to measure:

  • Job applicant skills
  • Employee compliance
  • Employee job performance

As experts in the field of assessment, Scantron also provides extensive assessment development and psychometric services, professional development, and consulting.

Solutions include:

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Get Results! Scantron® + Remark™

Get Results with Scantron

You need accurate, reliable results for your tests and quizzes. For more than 40 years, Scantron has had a proven track record for assessing student and employee knowledge efficiently and accurately. Use a Scantron® scanner to quickly score your tests and the power of Remark™ reporting to analyze the results. With just a few clicks, identify your students’ gaps and achievements.

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