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A robust customer and employee experience relies on collecting feedback on a variety of issues. Scantron helps make that easier.
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Satisfaction Surveys

A customer or employee satisfaction measurement program should flow from and be embedded into every aspect of the corporate culture from the managers to employees. Only when the program is a process and continually changing, evolving and feeding new input into the organization are its benefits realized. Scantron's satisfaction survey solutions provide on-going tracking and early warning systems.

When you feel confident that you want to handle all aspects of your satisfaction solution, we have hardware, software and forms that can support your needs. It's in your hands and allows you to survey anytime you want; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Depending on your needs, we have survey software that not only provides the ability to build surveys, but work with our data collection technology to fully automate your solution. With our software you can distribute your survey in multiple ways: paper (plain or scannable), online (web-hosted or email), kiosk, or wireless.

From the smallest to the largest survey project, we have OMR and imaging scanners to make your survey process quick, accurate and timely. And, we developed an effective, proven process for the production of scannable forms. Used with electronic data collection processes, our OMR scan forms solutions can help you successfully execute your surveys.

Need more help? Check out the custom full-service survey options provided by Scantron Survey Services.