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A robust customer and employee experience relies on collecting feedback on a variety of issues. Scantron helps make that easier.
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Satisfaction Surveys

In today’s challenging economy, organizations need a sustainable competitive advantage. To gain that advantage,  they need the answers to questions such as:

  • What is our customers’ overall satisfaction?
  • What is our customer loyalty rating for the entire product or service lifecycle (shopping, purchase, service, and repurchase)?
  • What new product designs and features or service offerings will meet your customer’s needs?
  • What is the on-going picture of product quality, including access to early indicators of potential problems?
  • Do our employees have the training, tools and resources they need to provide superior service that drives customer loyalty?
  • How successful were our corporate events or conferences? Our training?

But how do you gather these critical insights from your customers, patients and employees?

Full-Service Solutions

Scantron Survey Services can help with custom services tailored to your needs. 

Prefer to Do It Yourself?

Hundreds of organizations have used Scantron survey and evaluation software to conduct a wide variety of customer, patient, and employee surveys. Scantron's Assessment Development and Psychometrics team can provide as much or as little consulting and development as you need to ensure your surveys are a succes. Explore the power of a survey solution that puts the power in your hands!


Beyond Web-Based Survey Tools

Premium beats Freemium

Considering one of the many high-profile ‘freemium’ web-based survey solutions on the market? That solution can have significant limitations. Why does premium beat freemium every time? Let’s look at four reasons why SurveyTracker Plus® is increasingly becoming the solution of choice.

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Transform Your Survey Process

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Working with market research firms for customer satisfaction surveys costing you an arm and a leg? 

Tired of not getting the reports you need from "free" online tools? 

Want to send surveys using multiple delivery methods with less hassle? 

Scantron can help.

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