Customer and Employee
Satisfaction Solutions

A robust customer and employee experience relies on collecting feedback on a variety of issues. Scantron helps make that easier.
SurveyTracker Plus
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Satisfaction Surveys

Evaluation surveys help organizations measure the perceptions of their training programs, events, and employee performance. Scantron provides services and solutions to help!

Event & Training Evaluations

Make event and training evaluations easier with an automated solution that saves you time & money by eliminating manual effort. EvaSys by Scantron simplifies the process of collecting participant opinions regarding:

  • Speakers and facilities at events like sales meetings or user conferences
  • Instructors and courses in training programs

Employee Performance Evaluations

Make employee performance evaluations easier! SurveyTracker Plus® + the 360° Evaluation Add-On automates many of the more complicated, confusing, and time-consuming processes of the 360º evaluation process. Gather 360° performance evaluation feedback through superior, easy-to-use, robust software, supporting seamless automation of paper and online surveys. Used with Scantron® scannable forms and scanners, you have the power at your fingertips to create survey solutions that serve you best.