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SurveyTracker Plus® Distribution Methods

Supporting a wide variety of ways to deliver your survey to respondents.

Make sure to choose the version of SurveyTracker Plus® software that best suits your survey requirements. We offer:

  • SurveyTracker Plus – designed for surveys distributed via scannable forms, USB/disk, or kiosk.
  • SurveyTracker Plus Email/Web – designed for surveys distributed via scannable forms and disk as well as e-mail, Web, USB/disks, and kiosks.
Distribution Method
Software Version(s)
Scannable Forms Data is collected from a scannable form by an OMR or image scanner Both versions
Survey-by-USB An interactive survey placed on a USB drive and distributed to respondents. Both versions
Kiosk An interactive survey placed on a computer in a high-traffic area. Both versions
Web A survey resides on a Web server accessible by people using a Web browser and the proper URL. SurveyTracker Plus Email/Web
Web Survey Hosting A survey resides on an hosted server for SurveyTracker users who do not have access to a Web server. SurveyTracker Plus Web Survey Hosting (add-on)

SurveyTracker Libraries

SurveyTracker Plus comes with five user-definable libraries that are pre-loaded. These libraries allow you to personalize SurveyTracker Plus to your own work environment. With the click of a button, items in the Libraries can be placed directly into a survey project. The time consuming task of recreating certain items or searching for them on your computer is eliminated. All of the text items can be used as-is or modified to fit your needs.

Survey Library

The Survey Library is pre-loaded with over one hundred pre-written surveys in categories such as:Course Evaluation, Training, Customer Satisfaction, Help Desk, and Malcolm Baldrige. For SurveyTracker Plus, many of these surveys have four variations of the same survey: Non-scannable (for Web or e-mail surveys), Custom scannable (print to local printer), Custom scannable (print at Scantron), and Standard scannable form.

Question Library

The Question Library stores frequently used questions with scales.

Message Library

The Message Library stores notes, welcome and thank you messages, invitation messages, instructions, and any other text messages you want to add.

Image Library

The Image Library stores all graphics, such as your company logo or pictures.

Style Library

The Style Library allows you to create new survey styles or modify existing styles and store them. Styles are used to quickly apply layout formats and color schemes to your survey.