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Pinnacle Gradebook is our best-in-class, online gradebook and offers both standards-referenced and standards-based grading as well as traditional grading capabilities. Complete with a parent portal, Pinnacle Gradebook keeps students, teachers, and parents informed and on track.
Pinnacle Gradebook
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Over the last 30 years, millions of teachers have used Pinnacle Gradebook to manage their classroom. Supporting a full range of grading practices, from traditional letter grades to full standards-based grading, Pinnacle Gradebook continues to evolve and support teachers in accurately and reliably measuring student achievement, while providing administrators, students, and parents with a comprehensive view of student progress. 

Featured Article: How Standards-Based Are You?

standards-based education

Becoming more standards-based is a challenge many schools face today to improve academic growth and to prepare for the transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) by 2014. The concepts of standards and becoming standards-based are well documented, but the transformational pathway is often obscure. “How Standards-Based Are You?” is a white paper that helps illuminate what some of those pathways look like and how to find them.



"Ultimately, the data we can now access demystifies student learning. Our teachers don’t fear data any longer—they’re using it to make better decisions for their students every day."
Jeff White, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services, Ft. Osage School District