Process 100 safety forms in just 10 minutes with a Scantron SafetyCapture® solution. Your team can continue to use a pen and the paper forms they're used to, and we'll handle the data entry. Robust graphical reports enable you to communicate from the shop floor to the top floor faster and easier!

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You may be thinking, "Keying our safety data into the system is frustrating. We just don't have the time!" Automate the process instead and spend more time in the field improving your workplace safety. Why settle for frustrating and inefficient when you have easy and effective at your fingertips? Let SafetyCapture® do the heavy lifting for you.

SafetyCapture is a system that scans paper forms, including check boxes, barcodes, and handprint areas, turning that information into onscreen data you can view and use easily. You can use your existing desktop scanners or purchase dedicated scanners from Scantron. You can print your own forms or have Scantron print them for you.

Tell us about your situation, your vision, and your expected results—and let Scantron enhance your safety program with SafetyCapture.



  • Feeling bad about the backlog of forms on your desk?
  • Frustrated you have to spend valuable time to key in that data?

Don't allow paper to get in your way. Let SafetyCapture help you eliminate manual data entry and transform what those forms are telling you easily into actionable insight.


  • Recognizes marks, machine printed and handwritten text on scanned forms
  • Enforces form rules that we help you establish for clean, high-quality data
  • Allows you to proof and fix data before the information gets into your system
  • NEW! Provides web-based reporting so you can view and share your data with staff and management
  • Offers flexibility to receive data in the format you specify


Imagine where you can take your safety program! For decades, Scantron has led the way for organizations wanting to minimize risk. With SafetyCapture, difficult-to-capture data is no longer difficult. With personalized support, industry expertise, and trusted technology, be assured your safety program just got better.

Share your observation and inspection data with staff and management

SafetyCapture onDemand’s Web Reporting helps companies improve workplace safety and lower insurance costs by enabling them to easily monitor and identify safety program information. The web-based reporting offers anytime/anywhere access to important data that captures the effectiveness of your company’s safety programs over time. Reports can be viewed online or exported as a PDF, Excel or CSV file for distribution or further analysis.

Choose from the following standard and premium reports:

  • Standard Reports:
    • All Data
    • Batch History
    • Exception Images
    • Form Images
  • Premium Reports
    • All Hazards
    • Comment Clip
    • Top 10 Hazards
    • Form Count
    • Comment Count
    • Top 10 Hazards Trend

Plus, Scantron can create custom reports to match your specific needs.

Do you focus on Transit safety?

Check out our targeted train and bus inspection solution power by SafetyCaptureTransit Inspector!

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    Featured Case Study: Brinderson

    Energy Safety

    The integration of IndustrySafe Safety Management System and Scantron® SafetyCapture® onDemand data collection solution provides Brinderson® employees with an exceptional opportunity to become fully engaged in hazard identification and mitigation within their work environments.

    Read the Case Study


    "We used to spend an entire day troubleshooting and sorting through reports, but now we can produce company-wide reports in less than five minutes."
    Chuck Strickfaden, EHS Manager, Corrpro
    "[Scantron and IndustrySafe] are solution-oriented and their value system is in direct concert with our desire to understand and eliminate the leading causes of injury and illness."
    Joseph P. Henderson, General Manager Safety and Security, Brinderson L.P.
    "With Scantron’s more efficient scanning solution, we can now…put our observation data to work to predict—and try to prevent—future injuries."
    Todd Brabson, EHS Director, Corrpro