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State Approvals

State Approvals

California Department of Education
Diagnostic Assessments in English-Language Arts and Mathematics for Students in Grade Two

Colorado Department of Education

Interim assessments for use to determine which students are identified as having a significant reading deficiency pursuant to the READ Act.

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Florida Department of Education
Approved Norm Referenced Test

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (for Private Schools).

Indiana Department of Education
Formative Assessments to assess the new state standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics

Performance Series and Scantron Analytics.

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National Blue Ribbon Schools
Private School Approval

For private schools interested in being nominated for the National Blue Ribbon Schools Award by the Council for American Private Education based on the criterion that the school is in the top 15 percent of the schools in the nation in reading and mathematics.

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New York Department of Education
Teacher and Principal Evaluation

Approved student assessments for use by school districts and BOCES in Teacher and Principal Evaluations—assessments for teachers of all content areas except CTE (Career and Technical Education) areas.

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Ohio Department of Education
Third Grade Reading Guarantee

An opportunity for districts and community schools to pursue funding to design and implement a grades K–3 program to assist students in improving their reading development and prepare them to read at grade level by the end of third grade.

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Texas Department of Education
State-Approved Group-Administered Assessment

Texas Education Agency approved assessments that meet Texas Education Code Section 39.032 with standardized norms not more than eight years old.

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Virginia Department of Education
Student Growth Assessments

Provide school divisions the option to purchase directly assessments that are valid measures of student growth for local use. Use of these student growth assessments is not required nor mandated by VDOE. Rather, these are a means to support to school divisions by making available valid student growth data to inform both instruction and teacher evaluation.

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