Performance Series®

Every child learns at a different pace and has different instructional needs. Unfortunately, it is not easy to recognize these needs and provide each student with individualized instruction targeted at his or her proficiency level. Performance Series® from Scantron is a computer-adaptive test that lets you quickly pinpoint the proficiency level of your students, across a range of subjects.
Performance Series
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How It Works
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Performance Series® provides for more accurate student placement; diagnosis of instructional needs, including instructional adjustments; and measurement of student gains across reporting periods.

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Part of a Complete Assessment Solution

Scantron's assessment solution helps educators meet accountability requirements and raise the level of student achievement through a unique combination of standards-based districtwide assessment and computer-adaptive diagnostic testing. Scantron's solution combines a research-based, content-rich computer adaptive test known as Performance Series and a content-neutral, highly flexible testing product known as Achievement Series® that educators use to develop and administer online and paper-based tests.

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Scantron now offers a shorter, 25-question version of our popular Performance Series test. Contact a Scantron representative for more information.

Available Subject Areas

  • Reading Foundations (grades K-2)
  • Reading (grades 2­–12)
  • Language Arts (grades 2–8)
  • Math Foundations (grades K-2)
  • Mathematics (grades 2–9)
  • Matemáticas en Español (grades 2–9)
  • Algebra (1 & 2)
  • Geometry
  • Life Science and Inquiry (grades 2–8)

Available Measures


Features & Benefits

Personalized Testing

Traditional "standardized assessments" focus on state standards for one grade level at a time, making it challenging to determine overall student placement or to focus on individual student needs.

  • Performance Series provides students with tests custom-tailored to their proficiencies in reading, math, language arts, and life science.
  • The online test adjusts automatically to each student's ability level, generating more difficult questions if the student is answering correctly and easier ones if the student is answering incorrectly.
  • Students do not spend unnecessary time on test items that are much too difficult or too simple, leading to less time testing and more time learning.
  • The result is a valid and reliable "scaled score" that can be used to measure academic growth just as a yardstick is used to measure a child's growth in height.

Individualized Learning

Sample student path:

Performance Series enables teachers to create an individualized learning plan for each student based on their particular needs.

  • Scantron's unique Suggested Learning Objectives organize skills and concepts by ability level, according to the Performance Series scaled score.
  • These skills and concepts, aligned to state or Common Core standards, help guide instruction by identifying the "next steps" for the teacher, student, and parent.

Insightful Reports

Performance Series gives you an accurate portrait of each student's instructional level over a wide breadth of knowledge.

  • Track individual student, school and even district-wide progress and gains across time.
  • Compare performance scores to state standards content, national student groups and reading resources through the Scaled Score, Standards Item Pool Score, National Percentile Ranking, and an optional Lexile® Reading Score.
  • Develop custom learning plans for each student immediately after the first assessment with only a few clicks, based on state or Common Core standards.

Immediate Results

  • As an on-line test, Performance Series provides results immediately so that teachers can impact instruction and properly place students.


  • Access either data or student assessments any time and from any location with an internet connection.
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Did you know? Scantron is a leader in K-12 Assessment!

Did you know?

is a Leader
in K-12 Assessment!

Check out our new infographic and see for yourself how Scantron delivers millions of digital and paper assessments to 39 states in the US. More than 2 million students take our Achievement Series and Performance Series tests every year!

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Hoosiers know that shooting for three is an important part of the quest for basketball glory. With Scantron, you can also shoot for three when measuring student growth! IDOE-approved Scantron products provide a complete assessment and analytics solution for Indiana educators.

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"[This] is an excellent tool for our school! It helps us make data-driven decisions, which benefit all learners, regardless of performance level."
Amanda Davis, Curriculum Coach, Fort Payne Middle School
"By using Performance Series, we've gained back eight full days of instructional time—and we have the student score reports and instructional resources immediately…"
Dr. Carol Cary, Superintendent of Secondary Education, Archdiocese of Philadelphia
"It helps teachers dramatically focus their efforts…the instruction the next day can be based on [reports from yesterday’s test]…"
Jason Anderson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Innovation, Frederick County Public Schools, MD
"We have used the Performance Series assessment for ten years at Valley Oak and we find it a very useful tool for identifying specific standards that have not yet been mastered."
Laura Fulmer, Director, Valley Oak Charter
“Performance Series questions went beyond grade-level standards. This…opened the curiosity door and allowed [students] to search the depths of their knowledge.”
Meighan Lewis, Teacher, Munford High School
"Scantron has provided the tools needed to validate student learning and support teacher decisions to move students to the next Performance Level when they are ready."
Dr. Oliver Grenham, Chief Education Officer, Adams County School District 50
"Scantron delivered not only a superior product but also a superior system of delivery, support, flexibility, and technical assistance."
Sherrill Parris, Deputy State Superintendent Alabama State Department of Education
"Performance Series and Achievement Series' analysis tools and reports enable teachers to use their assessment results to effectively drive instruction."
Steve Robinson, Vice –Principal Liberty High School (Literacy First Charter School)