Achievement Series®

Successfully helping K-12 educators maximize student potential while remaining accountable to federal testing requirements.
Achievement Series
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How It Works
"It helps teachers dramatically focus their efforts…the instruction the next day can be based on [reports from yesterday’s test]…"
Jason Anderson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Innovation, Frederick County Public Schools, MD
“We’re able to examine student understanding, both strengths and areas for improvement, by grade.”
Le Shaun Quander-Mosley, Director for Assessment and Research in the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington
"Scantron has provided the tools needed to validate student learning and support teacher decisions to move students to the next Performance Level when they are ready."
Dr. Oliver Grenham, Chief Education Officer, Adams County School District 50
"Scantron delivered not only a superior product but also a superior system of delivery, support, flexibility, and technical assistance."
Sherrill Parris, Deputy State Superintendent Alabama State Department of Education
"Performance Series and Achievement Series' analysis tools and reports enable teachers to use their assessment results to effectively drive instruction."
Steve Robinson, Vice –Principal Liberty High School (Literacy First Charter School)

Achievement Series®, Scantron’s fixed-form, formative assessment solution for interim testing, helps K-12 educators increase student achievement while meeting federal requirements.  This unique and powerful tool performs web-based or paper testing to measure grade level knowledge in multiple subject areas.  It also provides immediate results to accurately measure student progress.


Scantron's content-neutral format enables you to incorporate content from a wide variety of sources, including using our standards-based item banks, importing items from textbook developers, creating your own custom items, and much more.


In addition, as a consistent leader in academic assessments and one of the first to provide Common Core State Standards-based items, Scantron provides a variety of pre-developed items and assessment banks so you can develop tests quickly and easily. Some options include:

Contact your Scantron representative (link) for more information on all of our item banks and content options.

1 + 1 = 2

Scantron's two-part solution combines a research-based, content-rich computer adaptive test known as Performance Series® and a content-neutral, highly flexible testing product known as Achievement Series. Educators love using this combination to develop and administer online and paper-based tests.  It’s the complete package.


Web-Based 24-hour access to data from any computer with Internet access
Content-Neutral Use any content or item you like, because that’s how it should be.
  • Scantron® item banks or item banks from Scantron’s partners
  • Common Core State Standards or College & Career Readiness item banks
  • Existing district benchmark or classroom tests
  • Question banks and tests from ExamView® Test Generator by Turning Technologies®
Aligned with Standards
  • State, Common Core, College & Career Readiness, or Next Generation Science Standards
  • Scantron's item banks are already aligned, to make things easy
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses in preparation for interim formative measurement of student skills, as well as state testing
Multiple Delivery Methods
  • Online or paper test administration – using the same test
  • Inexpensive off-the-shelf imaging scanners and plain paper forms
  • Mix-and-match delivery methods to support the full spectrum of technology readiness
Collaborative Environment
  • Team up within your district or school to create and review item banks and tests
  • Share item banks with other Achievement Series districts or schools
  • Work in the same item bank creating new items from different computers
Immediate Results
  • View reports as soon as test is submitted online or form is scanned
  • Aggregate and disaggregate data by selected criteria
  • Access standards-based reports for an individual student, class, school, district and more for state and federal reporting
Instructional Resources
  • Link to more than 300,000 educator-evaluated resources organized by each state's standards and readability through netTrekker Search
  • Link from results to Skills Connection Online™ study guides for particular standards for follow-up instruction
  • Use Skills Connection Online™ to create additional paper-based practice tests



    Accessories and Accommodation
    Wondering how to adopt the next generation of assessment?

    We think about the next generation of assessment a lot. Read about the framework we've developed so you can evaluate how to best incorporate next-generation items and tests into your assessment strategy.

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