Achievement Series®

District administrators, principals and teachers are given the difficult task of balancing federal accountability requirements with their true goal of maximizing student learning. What is the best way to ensure you are meeting accountability mandates while keeping the focus on student achievement? How do you address both needs given a fixed number of instructional hours in the classroom? A districtwide assessment solution from Scantron is the answer.
Achievement Series
How It Works
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Scantron offers a comprehensive test management solution to provide you the immediate results needed to achieve these two key goals - and the flexibility to do it in a way that matches your specific district needs:

  • Data-driven decision making and reporting at the administrator level to track and meet federal mandates
  • Improved instruction at the teacher level to focus on individual student needs

Achievement Series® is a powerful web-based districtwide assessment solution that allows K-12 educators to develop and administer online and paper-based tests, capture immediate results, and produce standards-based reports. Used for all grade levels and subject areas, this district-wide solution gives administrators and teachers the data they need to monitor student progress and guide instruction. 

Part of a Complete Assessment Solution

Scantron's complete assessment solution helps educators meet accountability requirements and raise the level of student achievement through a unique combination of standards-based districtwide assessment and computer-adaptive diagnostic testing.

Scantron's solution combines a research-based, content-rich computer adaptive test known as Performance Series® and a content-neutral, highly flexible testing product known as Achievement Series that educators use to develop and administer online and paper-based tests.


Features & Benefits


  • Access data at any time from any computer with Internet access

Content Neutral

  • Use any items you want
  • Use locally-created items from existing district benchmark tests
  • Use Scantron® item banks
  • Use the Common Core State Standards or Common Core Checks item banks or test banks to create assessments aligned to these common state standards
  • Use item banks from Scantron's partners
  • Use question banks and tests from ExamView® Test Generator by eInstruction®

Standards Alignment

  • Use your expertise to align your items to state or Common Core standards
  • Use Scantron's item bank and other commercial item banks, which have been correlated to state standards
  • Report by standard to identify strengths & weaknesses in preparation for the state test
  • Link from results to standards-based instructional resources

Multiple Delivery Methods

  • "Develop once, deliver any way"
  • Administer tests online
  • Use traditional Scantron OMR scanners and forms to mirror high-stakes tests
  • Use inexpensive off-the-shelf imaging scanners and plain paper forms
  • Mix-and-match delivery methods and compare results across all

Collaborative Environment

  • Work together as a team within the district to create and review item banks and tests
  • Share item banks with other Achievement Series districts to quickly build items
  • Create items in the same item bank at the same time from different computers

Immediate Results

  • View reports as soon as test is submitted online or form is scanned
  • Aggregate and disaggregate data by selected criteria
  • Access standards-based reports for an individual student, class, school, district and more for state and federal reporting
  • Identify student strengths and needs in order to inform classroom instruction

Instructional Resources

  • Answer the "What's Next?" question
  • Access netTrekker Search from standards-based reports to link to more than 300,000 educator-approved resources organized by readability level and aligned to each state's standards.
  • Link from results to Skills Connection Online™ study guides for particular standards for follow-up instruction
  • Use Skills Connection Online to create a paper-based test for additional practice

WEBINAR: Mapping Your Assessment Journey

Map your assessment journey
Mapping Your Assessment Journey
Removing Roadblocks That Prevent You From Implementing Your Assessment Strategy

Adjusting to ever-changing
accountability measures? 

Common Core presenting 
instructional and assessment challenges? 

Concerned about the
technology impact of new assessments?

This webinar investigates why districts and schools feel "stuck in neutral" with their assessment program strategies, and why mapping your journey with a holistic assessment approach is more important than ever before. We'll examine concerns around accountability measures like PARCC and SBAC, explore how to phase Common Core into your existing assessment and instruction approach, and discover ways to ensure content equity in the face of changing technology.

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Center for Digital Education Report

New report

Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, a Scantron customer since 2006, is featured in the Center for Digital Education’s 2014 Q1 Special Report: Everything You Need to Know about Assessments in Education! The spotlight segment on page 6 explores how Calcasieu Parish is using Scantron's complete assessment solution, Achievement Series® and Performance Series®, to serve their students.

Download the report from CDE today!


"It helps teachers dramatically focus their efforts…the instruction the next day can be based on [reports from yesterday’s test]…"
Jason Anderson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Innovation, Frederick County Public Schools, MD
“We’re able to examine student understanding, both strengths and areas for improvement, by grade.”
Le Shaun Quander-Mosley, Director for Assessment and Research in the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington
"Scantron has provided the tools needed to validate student learning and support teacher decisions to move students to the next Performance Level when they are ready."
Dr. Oliver Grenham, Chief Education Officer, Adams County School District 50
"Scantron delivered not only a superior product but also a superior system of delivery, support, flexibility, and technical assistance."
Sherrill Parris, Deputy State Superintendent Alabama State Department of Education