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Take data matters into your own hands with OMR and color image scanning.
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ScanTools Prisma provides the accuracy of OMR data and the ability to gather critical images—all in a single pass through the scanner. Scantron ImageFlex™, ScanFlex™, and the optional Advanced Character Recognition modules offer additional scanning and imaging options.

ScanTools Prisma is menu-driven for easy scanner interface setup. Using point-and-click controls, you can quickly define the data collection areas on a standard or custom scan form and specify the format and location for the output file.


  • Built-in ImageFlex technology for rapid, simultaneous pencil or ink OMR data and image capture
  • Built-in ScanFlex technology for flexible scanning of forms printed to lower tolerances, such as plain paper forms
  • Identify images areas on forms to "clip" and archive for later retrieval—ideal for capturing signatures, short answers, and "show your work areas" on tests
  • Improved image archiving:
    • Whole-page images and image clips
    • Multiple available output formats, image resolutions, and levels of compression
    • Send images to a single folder for simple archiving, direct different images or image clips to different locations for complex, on-the-fly archive sorting, or do both
    • Use any data on the form to name images
  • Define unique edit criteria each time you scan
  • Add constants to each record
  • Set output file location and format for easy import into application software
  • Score while you're scanning (if you're scanning an assessment form)
  • Batch score by appending data to your original scan file
  • Save your scan profile for reuse at a later date

Advanced Character Recognition: A FLEXIBLE OPTION FOR capturing hand- and machine-print 

Advanced Character Recognition provides the capability to perform image-based hand print and machine print data recognition. This optional module expands your data capture abilities


We provide a full suite of consulting services for ScanTools Prisma software, including custom application development and user exit programming for Microsoft Windows® operating systems. To get quotes for programming and consulting services, call 800.338.5544.


Seamlessly embed ScanTools Prisma software into your application software using the ScanTools Prisma Link software development kit (SDK). With this COM (component object model) software development tool, your end users will never know you have launched ScanTools Prisma to collect data.

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