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Class Climate® enables automated, high-volume evaluations of courses, study programs and departments without the time and money of laborious data collection and reporting. Universities, corporate training departments and other educational institutions will gain measurable feedback regarding attendee interest levels and instructor performance.
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Class Climate® enables automated, high-volume evaluations of courses, study programs and departments without the time and money of laborious data collection and reporting. Universities, corporate training departments and other educational institutions will gain measurable feedback regarding attendee interest levels and instructor performance.

Automated Solution

Class Climate provides fast and accurate processing of paper and online questionnaires in a single system. Functions include reports on study courses, departments, training seminars and programs to fit your organization. Raw data is just a few clicks away for a more detailed analysis.

Why Class Climate®?

  • Get valuable insight into course or seminar effectiveness with one solution that conducts surveys on paper or online, including support for mobile browsers.
  • Reduce data collection costs and minimize errors by scanning evaluations, rather than typing them.
  • Improve your data collection across multiple sites: Scanning can be distributed as necessary—the data is automatically sorted to the correct course and ready for review.
  • Send instant feedback to individual instructors or trainers (allowing them to make changes while still involved in an ongoing course) or send end-of-course feedback to all instructors after grades are turned in.
  • Export data in SPSS or Excel formats for further data analysis.
  • Identify potential areas for improvement and help shape future curriculum, courses and seminars, using our automated, threshold-based course quality management features.
  • Increase response rates with automatic in-progress reminders
  • Provide improved accessibility—Class Climate is rated WCAG 2.0 Level AA, the highest level of certification

Features & Benefits


A security system with centralized or decentralized methods allows your organization to determine the level of access granted in order to ensure data privacy. Communication with the server can be operated over a completely encrypted (SSL) connection, for users and online participants.

Mobile, Online, or Paper

Class Climate is the only course evaluation tool that supports online surveys, including mobile browsers, and paper surveys with a single tool, so your organization can maximize response rates and see a complete response set in the same reports. Conducting evaluations, including using paper forms, is no longer a time-consuming process with the automation available in Class Climate.

Unified Responses

Class Climate reports incorporate the responses from all surveys, regardless of method. Your students can choose the most effective medium for them to respond, and the system will correlate their evaluations into a single set of data for the course.

Anonymous—Online or Paper

Class Climate disassociates specific responses from student names, providing detailed feedback regardless of collection method, while protecting student privacy. Reports contain the text comments direct from the participant online response or a scanned image of the response from paper forms. Online responses are automatically anonymous. On paper, for circumstances where instructors may recognize student handwriting, your organization can set a threshold and transcribe comments instead of including the scanned image. A simple web interface displaying the captured handwritten comment eliminates the need for retaining paper surveys.


Class Climate can process evaluations from small schools and companies to large institutions and corporations. The Class Climate administrator defines the user roles in order to determine the level of access needed for your organization.

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Class Climate users may connect directly with students through a variety of Learning Management Systems (Desire2Learn®, Blackboard®, Moodle™, ANGEL, Sakai, etc.). Class Climate communicates with the LMS and sends the pending evaluations to the LMS’s student portal interface. A direct survey link for each pending course evaluation appears for the student; some LMS's present students with a complete list of pending surveys. The student can then click the displayed link and complete the course evaluation without any password entry. Scantron’s Professional Services department can assist you with moving your data across any connectors not listed above.

Fast and efficent implementation

Class Climate's web architecture allows systems to be integrated quickly. Import course or seminar data into Class Climate to prepare for the evaluations. In addition to the standard question library already included in the program, easily create your own questionnaires using the web-based forms designer. Scantron provides post-implementation and LMS integration specialists to make sure your system works exactly as you need it to.

Cost effective and versatile

Class Climate pays for itself even at low volumes, compared to expensive, time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. Use the system for course evaluations or any other survey you need to conduct from cafeteria surveys to workfoce development—Class Climate provides the same easy and effective data collection methods. Class Climate is individually customizable, including questionnaire development, statistical analysis, and much more. Work with our professional services to design exactly the reports and system interface you need.

Add-On Modules

Add-On Modules enable you to get even more out of your Class Climate implementation:

VividForms Designer

Get better performance with high-speed intuitive questionnaire design. The VividForms Designer is an integrated component of the Class Climate family of products. The add-on Designer license is a Java-based client deployed automatically through the web server as soon as you log in or can be licensed to either a desktop PC or laptop for offline access. The new designer provides:

  • Drag & drop for fast and easy form design
  • Multi-column layouts so you can get exactly the formatting you need
  • Question library and local storage so you can access commonly used elements
  • Free element & image positioning to help you design creative questionnaires
  • Offline mode so you can work without a server connection
  • Scale graphics, icon images, etc. to help you create distinctive rating scales
  • Support for automated capture of handwritten content (Intelligent Character Recognition) so you can capture handwritten comments
  • Multiple tabs so you can design several surveys at once
  • Pre-built elements to help you rapidly create questionnaires

The add-on module requires Class Climate 5.1 or higher. Contact your Scantron sales representative for pricing.

SIR II™ Student Instructional Report by Educational Testing Service®

By offering the SIR II report module from ETS, Class Climate provides users with another reliable and valid measure of course effectiveness. The SIR II™ Student Instructional Report is a quick and powerful rating instrument that objectively captures students' perceptions of their learning experiences. Class Climate customers will be able to upload their final results to the ETS website. There, they can view the longitudinal data on the SIR II Item Bank and see how they compare to similar schools across the nation.

This add-on module requires Class Climate version 5.1 or higher.

For more information on this offering, or to purchase the SIR II module, please contact your Scantron sales representative.

To read more about the SIR II Student Instructional Report, visit

Intelligent Character Recognition

ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) transforms handwritten comments in single-line open questions into automatically-transcribed data (you can use Web verification to confirm the results). ICR does not enable recognition for multi-line open comments.

This add-on module requires Class Climate 5.1 or higher. Contact your Scantron sales representative for pricing.

Additional Scanstations

Scanstation enables you to scan paper forms and integrate them with your Class Climate system. A single Scanstation comes with the basic Class Climate license, but you can add on as many Scanstation licenses as you need. Additional Scanstations enable you to distribute scanning activities across departments or groups within your institution.

This add-on module requires Class Climate 5.1 or higher. Contact your Scantron sales representative for pricing.

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40 is the New 80
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"The ease with which we can develop new evaluation forms and modify system processes is what has enabled us to quickly deploy [Class Climate] to our advantage."
Daveen Kay, Project Manager, California State University, Northridge
“Class Climate provides a consistent, standardized tool…for obtaining reliable and valid data for research, accreditation and program review processes.”
Dr. Sandra Murphy, Dean, School of Community and Health Studies, Centennial College
"Class Climate provides a quick and easy way for teachers to get concrete feedback for reflection and professional development plans."
Ellen Bull, Chair, Interprofessional Education and Allied Health at Centennial College
"We love [the Desire2Learn] integration because…students…are also able to see and complete the evaluation(s) right from within D2L"
Jennifer Hendryx, Instructional Designer, University of Wisconsin Colleges Online
"Having two means of communication for our students (Blackboard and email) provides more opportunities for students to participate and provide valuable feedback for the instructors."
Karla Pool, Applications Analyst, University Technology Services