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Connecting you to your educational data and delivering easy-to-read, intuitive, and interactive results instantly.
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Scantron Analytics Packages

 Feature Administrator Edition  Administrator &
Teacher Edition 
Predefined Dashboards & Data Connections  X  X
Data Sources:    
  Grades, Attendance, Discipline  X  X
  Assessment  X  X
  Other Education Sources  X  X
Administrator Access  X  X
Teacher Access    X
Developer Access to QlikView  X  X

Scantron Analytics (powered by QlikView®) offers two great ways to experience better dashboards and data visualizations!


  • Track, predict, and manage district metrics such as graduation rates, achievement gaps, or progress against standards without the expense of a data warehouse
  • Connect to a wide variety of data sources, such as assessment results and data from other educational sources
  • View trends and explore connections more deeply in your grade, attendance, and discipline data
  • Develop custom dashboards and visualizations that reflect the unique requirements of your district


Empower educators to explore connections and make effective instructional decisions, independently or together.