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We help schools measure student opinion and school climate to support ESSA multimetric accountability systems.
My Student Survey
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How It Works

Scantron and My Student Survey offer an array of survey options to support your school improvement and accountability efforts. These surveys have been thoroughly tested for their reliability and ability to predict important student outcomes. For more details on the validation methods used to create the surveys, see My Student Survey’s Research page.

STeP (Survey of TEacher Practice)

The STeP survey is a student-friendly survey of teacher practice that enables students in grades 3–12 to provide input on 6 key categories of their classroom experience:

  • Presenter: Ability to present information and structure lessons
  • Manager: Ability to manage a classroom and foster productivity
  • Counselor: Awareness of student need and teacher-student relations
  • Coach: Providing feedback and challenging students
  • Motivator: Engaging and investing students in learning
  • Content Expert: Knowledge of subject and encouraging student thinking

The STeP survey can be aggregated and disaggregated by crucial student demographics, making it an effective tool to use for accountability measures required by ESSA . Further, surveys at the classroom level can support individualized professional development plans for teachers that help drive school-level improvement (see our article on using classroom measures within ESSA). For details on this survey and sample questions, see My Student Survey's STeP page.

Climate Survey

My Student Survey’s climate survey is based on research into measuring school climate to provide a valid and reliable instrument to identify how your school implements the aspects of environment that have an impact on student outcomes. This research shows that student health, learning, and academic success are all tightly linked to a positive school climate. This survey provides results you can use to improve your school in these key areas:

  • Engagement (for example, student-to-student relationships, staff cultural competence, participation)
  • Safety (for example, physical and emotional safety)
  • Environment (for example, physical environment, instructional expectations, discipline)

Like the STeP survey, the climate survey can be aggregated and disaggregated by student demographics, so you can use it for accountability measures required by ESSA.

Parent Engagement Survey

Parent engagement is a critical part of a student’s success. Parents are their children’s best advocates, and their involvement in their children’s education contributes to student achievement and high-performing schools. This survey measures parent engagement in the following key areas: 

  • Safety
  • Climate of respect
  • Academics
  • Communication
  • Opportunities
  • Engagement
  • Program fit

While these results cannot be directly aggregated or disaggregated by student demographics for an ESSA measure, the parent demographics can drive school improvement by identifying key areas of focus for specific communities.

Staff Survey

Your staff is the backbone of the educational services you provide. Educators, school leadership, and support professionals contribute directly to a positive (or negative) school environment. This survey provides insights into the following key areas:

  • Rigorous Instruction
  • Supportive Environment
  • Collaboration
  • Effective School Leadership
  • Strong Family/Community Ties
  • Trust

The results from this survey can help you create a high-performing team that delivers the best possible educational outcome for your students.