Scanning Services

Depending on the project, you may want to have Scantron handle your data collection project. Outsourcing this function offers an organization the choice to focus on your core competencies, while using industry specialists like Scantron. We offer a complete outsourcing solution using multiple communication methods.
Data Processing Services
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Project Management

Scantron assigns a Project Manager to each client and project. The Project Manager functions as the primary contact throughout all stages of your project. They are responsible for setting and maintaining all schedules, while coordinating all production services involved with executing the project.


Design is a critical element in any data collection project. To assure effective results your project should look good, follow a logical flow and contain smart content. Our professionals can help you in all areas of design.

  • Project Design
  • Online and Paper Form Design
  • Content Design

Data Collection and Management

Scantron designs, develops and operates standard and custom data management solutions to support business objectives. We combine multiple technologies such as paper, fax, telephone and Internet in innovative ways to provide timely, accurate, reliable and cost-effective data collection and management services.

  • Data collection: OMR, OCR, Image, hand-key, and web-based data storage
  • Data perfection
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Reports and Analysis

In the end, the reason you conducted the project is for the data. To get value from your data you need the ability to analyze from several angles. We support our customer with standard reporting and analysis options, and custom reports.

Printing and Mail Shop

Many data collection projects include requirements for large-scale printing and/or fulfillment services. Survey or test documents, system-generated letters and reports, and other documents must be accurately printed and/or mailed—often in extremely large volumes and within short time frames. Our state-of-the-art facilities high-speed printing systems, automated folding and inserting equipment and 100,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space.