Client Program Management Services

The Client Program Management Services Team provides customers with the essential tools and informed support recommended for a high‑quality product implementation and continued growth.

Implementation Services
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Get the most out of your Scantron® assessment solutions by adding Client Program Management (CPM). This robust suite of consulting and implementation services puts a dedicated, knowledgeable Scantron team member at your fingertips. Our CPMs bring years of educational experience to your project and are expert in configuring your solutions so you can use them effectively to support your assessment delivery and analysis needs.

“[You] will not be contracting with a vendor, [you] will be securing the services of an expert partner whose goal is to provide the most effective assessment experience possible.”
Alabama State Department of Education,
“Much of our first year’s success…was directly correlated to [our CPM’s] ability to “rescue” us…our “project manager hours” line item is equally as valuable as the actual products…”
Frederick County Public Schools, MD,
“[Our CPM] is an amazing support for our company and our programs. We love working with [our CPM] and consider [them] to be a member of our team.”
Mosaica Education, national charter school management organization,
"Scantron’s professional services team have been supportive and have provided excellent resolution to the few issues we’ve encountered. We almost feel like they’re part of our system, rather than an outside vendor—they just do what needs to be done.”
Dr. Leslie Lipovski, Coordinator of Curriculum, Catholic Diocese of Arlington VA