Assessment Program
Support Services

If you’re responsible for district-wide assessment programs, you may be struggling to find the staff and resources to prepare materials for required student assessments. We may already be printing your answer sheets—let us help design and print test booklets as well.

Assessment Program Support
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We can support your district-created tests with pre-coded booklets and answer sheets, creating individual student assessment kits quickly and accurately. We can package and ship those kits directly to you or to your schools, saving you time and effort and freeing your limited resources for other critical tasks.

Four Steps to Quality

  • Design: Start With the Test 
  • Print: Quality test materials pre-coded for each student 
  • Deliver: The right test to the right student 
  • Support: High-quality, flexible, cost‑effective support services 

What Can We Do for You?

Our print services center provides a range of services tailored to each of our client’s needs. From printing high-quality, guaranteed scannable answer forms to managing all the printing, packaging, and fulfillment for your district’s assessment program, our cost-effective assessment program support services can free your team to spend more working with teachers and administrators who help students maximize their potential.

Could you use some help with the logistics related to your assessment programs? Contact us today to learn more about how our capabilities and experience might benefit your school district.

Complete and Collaborative

School districts across the country have benefited from capabilities and processes that developed over decades to support large-scale assessment programs. We collaborate with education measurement professionals to provide cost-effective services tailored to the specific needs of your district—including printing, packaging, distributing, and tracking materials associated with district-wide personalized learning and assessment programs.

Decades of Experience

For decades we have helped professionals just like you by providing cost-effective services for managing the printing, packaging, distribution, and tracking of materials associated with a district-wide assessment program.

Dependable Quality

Our print services groups specializes in printing scannable answer forms, test booklets, and other materials used for student assessment programs. We are widely recognized for our dependability and the quality of our work in this specialized, demanding area of printing where something as simple as a missing page in a single test booklet can compromise the integrity of an entire student assessment program.