Scantron Score™

The Scantron Score™ helps instructors make the most of teaching and training time by automatically scoring tests and analyzing results. The Scantron Score allows instructors to concentrate on improving student learning, not test scoring.
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Scantron Score

With the Scantron Score™, instructors can accurately score 30 to 40 tests per minute then immediately determine how students performed. Item analysis capabilities determine how many students missed each question, which helps define the validity of a test, as well as identify any study areas that need additional emphasis. The scanner also offers the ability to have the correct answer printed next to the wrong answer, which enables students to perform independent review of their errors.

Test Scoring

Scores 200-question objective tests (multiple choice, true/false, matching). Prints an error mark or the correct answer next to the wrong answer. Prints the total number of wrong answers as a raw score or percentage and raw score. Prints a serial number identifying each form.

Easy Result Transfer

Using the USB port and a USB drive, easily transfer test results from the Scantron Score to your computer for analysis in Remark Classroom Edition, Remark Classic OMR, or any Scantron desktop or web application that supports scanning via the Scantron Score.

Item Analysis

Prints the number of tests processed, number of students answering each question incorrectly and an average score.

Performance-Based Scoring

Combines a score from an objective-based test with results of a performance-based assignment into one raw or percentage score.

Ballot and Survey Tabulation

Tallies responses from elections, community surveys, course or instructor evaluations, etc.

Scan Area

Reads up to 100 items per side (multiple choice, matching, true/false, etc.).

Get Results! Scantron® + Remark™

Get Results with Scantron

You need accurate, reliable results for your tests and quizzes. For more than 40 years, Scantron has had a proven track record for assessing student and employee knowledge efficiently and accurately. Use a Scantron® scanner to quickly score your tests and the power of Remark™ reporting to analyze the results. With just a few clicks, identify your students’ gaps and achievements.

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Through the Scantron Loan Program, schools can have long- term use of one or more of our popular Test Scoring Machines free of charge, including maintenance and training. Learn more>>

The Scantron Loan Program provides free "loaner" use of our test scoring machines in exchange for meeting an annual forms commitment. The program also offers:

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