OpScan® 6/8 Scanner

The OpScan® 6/8 optical mark recognition (OMR) scanner offers fast throughput and data transfer in a durable desktop model. Its flexible design allows for distributed or centralized processing.
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System Requirements

OpScan 6

OpScan® 6/8 Standard Features

  • Optical mark read (OMR) technology
  • 300 sheet autofeed
  • Up to 5,000 sheets per hour
  • Single or dual, ink or pencil read heads
  • Faster communication speed, from 1,200 to 115,200 baud
  • OpScan 8 includes an auxiliary output tray for sorting documents that fail user-defined edits

OpScan 6/8 Optional Features

  • Dual-side, reflective read head for faster two-sided document scanning
  • Ink read heads to scan both pen and pencil
  • A programmable, interactive printer that prints information based on scanned data–such as error codes, alphanumeric messages, serial numbers, validation flags, and test scores–with no effect on the throughput rate
  • Bar code attachment that delivers immediate, automatic bar code
  • Download capability that permits ASCII-coded output, which simplifies implementation when non-PC computers are used