i NSIGHT™ 700c Scanner

The i NSIGHT™ 700c is our medium-volume solution for automated data capture applications that demand high-speed image capture for archiving and audit. With processing speeds up to 6,600 sheets per hour, the i NSIGHT 700c is an affordable choice for data processing projects that require the capture of both traditional OMR (optical mark read) data and image data.
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Flex Modes
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If you scan multi-sheet booklet forms, and need to keep the booklets together, Flex Modes are for you!. Using flex modes ensure that, in addition to the specific sorting describe below for each mode, if there is an error on a sheet, the scanner will stop to allow you to pull all of the pages of the failed booklet and keep the booklet together. 

Booklet Scanning Overview


Normal mode is the default mode of the Flex Stacker. Scanned forms go to the primary output bin with any failed forms going to the select bin. When the input bin empties, you clear forms from the both output bins and load new forms in the input hopper. 

Bin Full

In Bin Full mode, the scanner starts by sending all sheets to the primary output bin. When the sensors register that the primary bin is almost full, the scanner sends the rest of the sheets for the current booklet to the primary bin, then automatically switches to sending all forms to the select bin. When this occurs, you can safely remove all sheets from the primary bin while still scanning, since that bin is no longer active.

The scanner continues to alternate between the two bins as each becomes almost full. When the input bin empties, simply reload the input bin and continue scanning, thereby saving time by removing forms from the outputs during scanning rather than when stopped. 


In Batch mode, the scanner switches between output bins each time you reload the input hopper. This works well if you work in smaller batches and want to keep the forms of a batch together. 

Document Count

In Document Count mode, the scanner switches between the output bins based on the number of documents (each document may have multiple sheets) you specify. This mode works particularly well with forms that might not work well with the bin full detection, such as folded forms. 

Sheet Count

Sheet Count mode works similarly to the document count mode, but switches bins based on the number of sheets fed rather than the number of documents.