i NSIGHT™ 700c Scanner

The i NSIGHT™ 700c is our medium-volume solution for automated data capture applications that demand high-speed image capture for archiving and audit. With processing speeds up to 6,600 sheets per hour, the i NSIGHT 700c is an affordable choice for data processing projects that require the capture of both traditional OMR (optical mark read) data and image data.
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Flex Stacker™ Accessory

FlexStacker iNSIGHT 700c with FlexStacker
The FlexStacker  The FlexStacker
with iNSIGHT 700c attached

The FlexStacker Accessory automatically sorts forms scanned on the iNSIGHT 700c without slowing down your scan speed.

  • Easy installation; no tools required
  • Open paper path
  • Two output bins for sorting scanned forms:
    • 500-sheet capacity
    • Sort criteria configurable in ScanTools Prisma
  • High-speed sorting—no slow down in scanning
  • Reduced desktop footprint compared to the iNSIGHT 700c with output tray
  • Sorts forms into bins in same order as input hopper, reducing storage complexity

To take full advantage of the Flex Stacker's ability to handle complex, multi-page forms like booklets, be sure to use ScanTools Prisma to configure flex modes. See Flex Modes for details.

FlexStacker Specifications

Physical Description Length: 40.5" (103 cm)
Height: 21.75" (55 cm)
Width: 13.25" (34 cm)
Weight: 70 lbs (32 kg)
Environment Same as scanner
Power Uses scanner's power
Operation Maximum speed: 6,600 8.5" x 11" (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) pages per hour
21/2" x 5" to 9" x 14" (64 mm x 127 mm to 229 mm x 356 mm); uses standard Scantron Mark Reflex® or Trans-Optic® forms
Output hopper capacity: two 500-sheet output bins