OpScan® 4ES OMR Scanner

The OpScan® 4ES optical mark read (OMR) scanner is one of the most versatile and efficient desktop scanners available for automated data collection. Its powerful processor delivers fast document throughput and provides a complete solution with a variety of off-the-shelf and custom software packages.
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System Requirements

Physical Description

Length: 21.25”
Width: 14.5”
Height: 9”
Weight: 17 lbs.


Operating Temperature: 60° to 85°F (16° to 29°C)
Humidity: 40% to 60%, non-condensating


100-240 volt operation: 100-240 volts AC (-10%, +6%): 50-60 Hz; US 3-prong plug; 15 amp dedicated circuit


USB 2.0, using a virtual serial port with user-defined protocol.


Read Heads: Contact Image Sensor Arrays, 16 level OMR, Pencil Read Capabilities.
Forms: 2.5” X 5” to 9” X 14” (60 – 100 lb. Off set)
Uses both Mark Refl ex and Trans-Optic forms
Feeder Capacity: Auto-feed, 100 sheets
Output Stacker Capacity: 100 sheets main stacker, 100 sheets select stacker (if present)
Message Display: 40 character, alphanumeric
Scanning Rate: 2,800 sheets per hour (actual scanning rate depends on quantity of data read from the form and the amount of processing done on the data while scanning)
Multi-feed detection


Dual side read head for two-sided form scanning
Select stacker separates forms that fail edit checks
A programmable interactive printer that prints information on the sheet being scanned - based on the scanned data, such as error codes, alphanumeric messages, serial numbers, validation fl ags, and test scores – with no effect on the throughput rate
Bar code reader delivers application information
SelfScore® module for classroom test scoring and surveys