EZData™ OMR Scanner

The EZData™ scanner offers users a small, portable, and efficient Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) data collection solution. It is ideal for low-volume, quick data collection projects.
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System Requirements

EZData Scanner

Standard Features

  • Small size measures 5.5" by 5.5"
  • Handles forms 3.25" by between 3.25" and 14"
  • Accommodates 25 to 30 hand fed forms per minute
  • Uses a standard USB computer connection
  • Indicates readiness with red/green LED light
  • Single-side read head tilts up for easy cleaning
  • Supported within ScanTools® Plus and ScanTools Plus Link SDK

Ideal for:

  • Classroom testing
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Course evaluations
  • Climate surveys
  • Instructor evaluations
  • Conference evaluations
  • Skills testing
  • Quality inspections
  • Training and development surveys