OpScan® 16 Scanner

The OpScan® 16 system offers the latest in optical mark read technology for speed, accuracy, and easy operation of large-scale batch scanning. Through comprehensive scanning systems, Scantron has solved the data collection problems high-volume centralized scanning centers face today. The OpScan 16 document scanner allows for more effective time management, confidence in accuracy, and total ease of operation.

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System Requirements

The OpScan 16 includes a Scantron-certified PC controller as an integral component. Although based on a standard PC framework, this controller includes proprietary software and/or hardware that have been installed, tested, and certified by Scantron to work with high-speed precision production scanners. The certified controller is considered to be a proprietary component of the scanner. The controller is warranted and supported as a scanner component. Contact a Scantron representative for further details.