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Scantron offers Indiana educators state-approved solutions to measure student achievement and drive instructional improvements.
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Monitor, Analyze, and Predict Student Growth

Indiana is ahead of the game. Prior to the announcement of ESSA, Indiana's landmark NCLB waiver demonstrated Indiana’s commitment to excellent education, as well your desire (and ability) to make smart local decisions for our students. Quality formative assessments are critical for tracking student learning progression, no doubt! However, collecting student data is pointless unless data is translated into insightful information. Student data should be analyzed from every angle. This is the key to insightful decision-making in both the classroom and the boardroom.

Indiana DOE has approved the Scantron Ascensus Growth with Analytics for testing and analysis of student assessment data.

You have probably used Scantron's accurate and reliable scanners and forms but did you know that Scantron’s assessment solutions go way beyond bubble sheets? We are also a leader in online assessment and analytics, delivering more than 100 million assessments online since 2008. In fact, Scantron's computer-adaptive testing was one of the first of its kind! We're committed to meeting you where you are and helping you get to where you want to be. Think outside the bubble and explore Scantron's online assessment and analytics solutions.

Scantron is here with complete solutions to turn data into knowledge educators can really use.


Monitor student achievement and growth with interim adaptive assessment on core subjects using Ascensus Growth—or add Ascensus Target to expand subject coverage.

  • Aligns to Indiana state standards and ISTEP+
  • Delivers multiple scores for universal screening, norm group comparisons, and  more.
  • Integrates with your SIS
  • Directly connects test results with targeted instructional resources.
  • Assessment development services and consulting.
  • Incorporate paper testing using Scantron scanners and forms.


Interactively explore your data with Scantron Analytics for a more complete student picture.

  • No data warehouse needed; include data from multiple sources
  • Dashboards provide easy snapshots
  • Monitor college and career readiness in real time 
  • Identify and intervene with at-risk students faster using our Early Warning System 
Tech & Learning ISTE Best in Show Winner: Scantron Analytics


    Predict student performance with Scantron Analytics and Psychometric Services.

    • Early Warning System:
      • Customizable indicators and risk thresholds
      • Easily view changing profiles
    • Predictive validity and other psychometric studies and services

    Before we began using Scantron Analytics, analyzing school-wide student data was a process that took weeks. Now, with Scantron Analytics, we are able to complete the analysis in minutes.
    Andy Caves, Principal, William L. Radney Elementary
    "[This] is an excellent tool for our school! It helps us make data-driven decisions, which benefit all learners, regardless of performance level."
    Amanda Davis, Curriculum Coach, Fort Payne Middle School
    "By using Performance Series, we've gained back eight full days of instructional time—and we have the student score reports and instructional resources immediately…"
    Dr. Carol Cary, Superintendent of Secondary Education, Archdiocese of Philadelphia
    "With Scantron Analytics, we can look at our data from multiple perspectives as if through a camera lens. We can zoom in to analyze a particular student, or zoom out for a broader view of the class, school or district."
    Chris Lindberg, Data, Research & Testing Manager, Bellevue School District, WA
    "It helps teachers dramatically focus their efforts…the instruction the next day can be based on [reports from yesterday’s test]…"
    Jason Anderson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Innovation, Frederick County Public Schools, MD
    "We have used the Performance Series assessment for ten years at Valley Oak and we find it a very useful tool for identifying specific standards that have not yet been mastered."
    Laura Fulmer, Director, Valley Oak Charter
    “Performance Series questions went beyond grade-level standards. This…opened the curiosity door and allowed [students] to search the depths of their knowledge.”
    Meighan Lewis, Teacher, Munford High School
    "Scantron has provided the tools needed to validate student learning and support teacher decisions to move students to the next Performance Level when they are ready."
    Dr. Oliver Grenham, Chief Education Officer, Adams County School District 50
    "Scantron delivered not only a superior product but also a superior system of delivery, support, flexibility, and technical assistance."
    Sherrill Parris, Deputy State Superintendent Alabama State Department of Education
    "Performance Series and Achievement Series' analysis tools and reports enable teachers to use their assessment results to effectively drive instruction."
    Steve Robinson, Vice –Principal Liberty High School (Literacy First Charter School)

    Introducing Ascensus


    Today’s assessments fueling tomorrow’s dreams

    Scantron reimagines K-12 testing with Ascensus,
    a modern approach to digital assessment
    designed for the era of ESSA

    Ascensus includes innovative item types, interactive student tools, accommodations for students with special needs, collaborative test development, modernized item banking, and increased test security options. Ascensus combines digital capabilities with proven, research-based measures of growth and skills for a solution capable of meeting the needs of schools and districts across the country.

    Learn more about Ascensus