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Scantron offers Indiana educators state-approved solutions to measure student achievement and drive instructional improvements.
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Additional Solutions

A balanced assessment approach to support your ESSA accountability

Our students, educators, and parents deserve assessment results that inform instruction and easily lead to an effective measure of accountability. A balanced assessment system is the best way to achieve that goal. That's why Scantron developed Ascensus, a balanced assessment solution that provides multiple assessment metrics to highlight a holistic view of student, school, and District performance and to ensure a fair and accurate approach to your accountability program.

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My Student Survey:
Capture Stakeholder Opinions Painlessly

Scantron and My Student Survey have teamed up to provide you with a comprehensive, improvement-focused approach to school accountability. Stakeholder surveys are a great way to enhance your understanding of your educational environment and improve your school.

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Assessment Development & Psychometrics:
Services to Expand Your Assessments

Scantron provides a full spectrum of support for your assessment development. Whether you want to do it yourself with in-house experts and just need a little support, or whether you need a partner who can guide you through the process, Scantron can meet you where you are and help get you to where you want to be.

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