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Every Student Succeeds with Scantron
Improving School Programs Using Assessment, Survey, and Analytics

In these recordings and slide decks, you'll learn why Scantron and My Student Survey provide the best solutions to support your multimetric accountability system and:

What I Know AND How I Feel:
Using Multiple Measures for Evidence-Based Improvement

Presented by  Scantron and My Student Survey

Incorporating multiple measures into a definition of school and student success is a crucial element for delivering educational equity. ESSA requires states to examine multiple measures in a multimetric accountability system and use the results to make evidence-based decisions.

But how do you get started?

Scantron and My Student Survey have teamed up to simplify assessing knowledge and perceptions using multiple measures.

Join our webinar to explore how multiple measures can:

  • Expand your definition of student success.
  • Adjust instruction based on differentiated feedback.
  • Use both assessment and stakeholder perception data within analytics that drive school improvement.
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Education Week
Administrators’ Data Gaps:
A Crisis of Confidence

Presented by Education Week and sponsored by Scantron

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Too many district and building administrators struggle to draw actionable insights from student analytics systems that improve instructional quality and empower timely, effective intervention.

Drawing upon an original survey of Education Week readers, the Education Week Research Center explores district leaders’ and principals' perceptions of student analytics tools. This engaging webinar details administrators’ confidence in these platforms, benchmarks key data obstacles, and highlights the hidden costs of subpar analytics. Attendees also gain complimentary, easy access to a tool to benchmark their district or school against our Student Analytics Confidence Index.

Content for this webinar is provided by the Education Week Research Center and draws upon original survey work conducted by the Education Week Research Center. The survey and webinar were sponsored by Scantron Corporation. The analyses presented in this webinar are those of the Education Week Research Center and do not constitute an endorsement of the sponsor or its solutions by Editorial Projects in Education, the parent company of Education Week, or by any of its publications.

Education Week
Leveraging Analytics and Assessment
to Close Achievement Gaps

Presented by Education Week and sponsored by Scantron

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Racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps often come to educators' attention in test scores, but they don't start there. A closer look at both assessment and other student data can help administrators recognize red flags in class access, school climate, parent involvement, and other areas that could be undermining their efforts to close achievement gaps.

Hear John B. Diamond, author of the 2015 book Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequality Thrives in Good Schools, and Ari Gerzon-Kessler, principal of Monaco Elementary in Colorado, who is using data to identify and correct longterm inequities in his school. 

Scantron helps every student succeed Scouting Assessment Options:
Supporting College and Career Readiness Improvement Efforts

Schools must take on tough challenges with limited time to incorporate new ESSA provisions and show results. Scantron can help with:

  • Standards-aligned items and assessments that can be re-aligned quickly to new and evolving standards documents.
  • Expanded support for career and technical education so you can better prepare students for the skills employers need.
  • Powerful, interactive dashboards so you can track your school's improvement along multiple dimensions in real time. 
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Scantron helps every student succeed

Test What You Teach, Not
the Other Way Around:

Supporting Annual Summative Assessments to Drive School Improvement

  • Meet ESSA's expanded definition of student growth with multiple measures and targeted assessments to prepare students for summative tests without "teaching to the test," freeing crucial instructional time to support deep school improvements.
  • Explore the options provided by Scantron's assessment development and psychometric experts to extend assessment item coverage and use formative and interim results to relate to student performance on summative tests.
  • Move beyond measuring improvement progress based on a single test score by using our powerful interactive dashboard—including multiple measures and results from predictive studies so you can design effective intervention programs. 
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Scantron helps every student succeed The Science of Measurement:
Supporting Innovative Assessment Pilots

  • Use our customizable assessment delivery platform, Achievement Series, to improve student achievement measurement using innovative assessments delivered online or on paper to suit your technology readiness.
  • Discover the expertise Scantron assessment development experts can bring to designing specific and unique local assessments to expand your measurement capabilities.
  • Work with Scantron psychometric experts to design research studies to evaluate whether innovative pilot exams are accurately measuring student growth.
  • Explore how our powerful interactive dashboards give you a real-time and ongoing picture of assessment results. 
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Scantron helps every student succeed Viewing Students in 3-D:
Supporting School Improvement Accountability Efforts with Multiple Measures

  • View multiple measures based on a complete picture of student data using our powerful interactive dashboards.
  • Discover how easy it is to identify and track students at risk of dropping out using an Early Warning System.
  • Explore the options provided by expert psychometric research connections across your accountability measures. 
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Scantron helps every student succeed The Littlest Students Succeed:
Supporting Connections between Early Childhood
and Early Elementary Education

Start your students on the path to high achievement early!

  • Discover how the Math and Reading Foundations assessments in Performance Series support pre-readers with professionally-recorded audio and connections to age-appropriate learning resources.
  • Learn more about how Scantron experts can help you design psychometric research to connect participation in early childhood education programs to student achievement.
  • Explore options for community outreach surveys to learn more about the early childhood programs within your LEA or district.
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