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Schools must take on tough challenges in short time frames to improve student achievement and demonstrate improvement in critical areas. While some schools are already addressing these issues, others are just beginning their school improvement journey. Wherever you are in the process, you probably have concerns about funding and continuity of your improvement efforts under ESSA.

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Ascensus, Scantron's Balanced Assessment Solution

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  • Do I have to choose between fixed-form and adaptive testing?
  • How can a combined assessment solution support the comprehensive strategy I need to improve my school?
  • What can I get back from my assessments? I need reports!

At Scantron, we believe that assessment and instruction are inseparable. Assessments should reveal important insights about student learning and support your instructional choices so you can drive school improvement. That's why Scantron developed Ascensus, a modern approach to digital assessment in the ESSA era.

Core Four and Core Four Plus Item Banks

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  • How can I access rigorous, high-quality items for my school improvement assessments?
  • How can I easily align my assessments with challenging state standards?
The Scantron K–12 Core Four Item Bank contains over 22,000 items, including items written expressly for the Next Generation Science Standards*. The K–12 Core Four PLUS Item Bank contains all the items from Core Four, plus additional Math and ELA items so you can reserve items for use at the district level, while still providing plenty of classroom choices. All items come pre-aligned to the Common Core State Standards, but can be easily realigned to your state's chosen standards.

Career and Technical Education

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  • What makes a strong Career and Technical Education (CTE) assessment?
  • How can I get the help I need or expand my team's capacity for developing CTE assessments?
21st-century education supports a focus on college and career readiness. Unfortunately, many schools focus more on the college side and neglect the career side. This creates gaps in graduating students’ abilities to meet the demands of today’s labor force. Scantron puts the career back in college and career ready.

Predicting College & Career Readiness by Analyzing Assessment Results

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  • How can I close the achievement gap and increase college and career readiness?
  • How can I see all the measures I need to identify readiness in one place?
  • How can I discover and predict which students are ready and which are not?
In today’s educational environment, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate that high school graduates are ready for the world they face. Educators must ensure that students graduate with the knowledge they need to enter postsecondary education or the modern workforce—and succeed. Scantron Analytics opens a window to let you see and interact with all the data you need to measure and track college and career readiness.

Scouting Assessment Options:
Supporting College and Career Readiness Improvement Efforts

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Schools must take on tough challenges with limited time. Scantron can help with:

  • Standards-aligned items and assessments that can be re-aligned quickly to new and evolving standards documents.
  • Expanded support for career and technical education so you can better prepare students for the skills employers need.
  • Powerful, interactive dashboards so you can track your school's improvement along multiple dimensions in real time.

This session is intended for district and school leaders who need a better solution for managing college and career readiness in ESSA's new educational environment.

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