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Together We’re Better: Supporting Team-Taught Courses

Team-taught courses are on the rise—are you ready to support their unique evaluation needs? Class Climate is! Learn how you can reduce the effort necessary to create, administer, and respond to evaluations for courses taught by multiple instructors:

  • All questionnaires can easily include specific questions about individual instructors or material covered.
  • Online questionnaires can streamline the response process by including or excluding questions based on a student’s experience with a specific instructor.
  • Evaluations can be distributed to only those students who participated in a particular course segment
  • Instructors have easy access to the appropriate evaluation segments—and only those segments.
  • Reports are automatically customized for each instructor, streamlining their report reading and preserving confidentiality.

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Cecelia G. Martin, Director of Assessment Institutional Effectiveness, University of South Alabama

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