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How can Scantron help?

Scantron has an extensive track record providing assessment and analytics solutions and services to help thousands of customers measure and accelerate student growth.

Scantron’s Assessment Development and Psychometric Services group performs predictive validity studies using customers’ assessment data. Typically, these studies use results from Performance Series or Achievement Series® assessments to predict performance on the state’s summative tests.

For example, we worked with some Alabama districts to establish a strong correlation between Performance Series scores and ACT® Aspire™ scores. The correlation enabled Alabama educators to administer benchmark Performance Series assessments in Math and Reading and to use those scores to predict student performance on the end-of-year Aspire tests. As a result, educators had the confidence to use their Performance Series results for diagnostic purposes, identifying specific areas where students may need more instruction.

To help schools get the most out of their data, Scantron offers Scantron Analytics, powered by the world-class analytics engine QlikView®. Scantron Analytics can incorporate the results of a Scantron psychometric study into highly visual dashboards that help predict how students will perform on summative benchmark tests in addition to analyzing other data you are already gathering. By storing all the information in memory, Scantron Analytics delivers powerful analytics without the need for a separate data warehouse. Using information you’re already collecting sourced from a wide variety of educational systems, Scantron Analytics displays easy-to-read, graphical dashboards and data visualizations. Important trends and previously hidden connections jump out, so you can spend your time developing creative solutions instead of trying to make sense of rows and columns of numbers.

Scantron Analytics is fully interactive. Want to see details about a student cohort? Simply click a chart to drill down farther—all the way down to individual students. Aggregating and disaggregating data by demographics such as gender, income, program participation, or any other characteristic you track is just as easy. New discoveries and insights are only a click away as you explore your data to answer your questions, your way, in real time.

Predefined dashboards and data connectors make it easy to get up and running quickly. Need to access data that’s not predefined? Just ask and we’ll work with you to make sure your dashboards and data visualizations contain exactly what you want to see.

Whatever the assessment or analytics assistance you need, Scantron has the products, tools, services, and expertise to help you ensure that you have the right program for your students. Our software combined with our comprehensive suite of assessment services help you get the most out of your assessments and your data.

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