Introducing the Early Warning System, powered by Scantron Analytics 

How can Scantron help?

Scantron has an extensive track record providing assessment solutions and services, and for more than nine years has also offered Scantron Analytics to help schools get the most out of their data.

Powered by the world-class analytics engine QlikView®, Scantron Analytics presents up-to-date information through highly visual, easy-to-understand dashboards, including an early warning system that districts are using to identify students at risk of dropping out of school. Using patented technology, Scantron Analytics delivers powerful analytics without the need for a separate data warehouse. Using information you’re already collecting, sourced from a wide variety of educational systems, Scantron Analytics displays easy-to-read graphical dashboards and data visualizations.

For the Early Warning System included as part of Scantron Analytics, we identified ten separate indicators, including absence rates, course failures, GPA, and discipline incidents, both within a marking period as well as across the school year. The indicators appear in an easy-to-read dashboard so you can see at-risk students at a glance. Using the powerful data exploration features in Scantron Analytics, you can track students whose risk profile has changed between marking periods and immediately begin to apply interventions. With a single click, you can disaggregate your at-risk student population, understanding how it varies by ethnicity, gender, and meal status, as well as understanding differences across high schools and grades.

While a number of at-risk indicators are common across schools—in particular: attendance rates, behavior incidents, and course performance, the Early Warning System can easily be tailored for your specific local needs, so you can focus on the indicators and threshold values you have found to be most reliable. Psychometricians and researchers in Scantron’s Assessment Services group can help you make sense of your historical data and identify additional indicators you may want to track. They can guide you in setting thresholds that readily locate the at risk students you need to help most.

Whatever the assessment or analytics assistance you need, Scantron has the products, tools, services, and expertise to help you ensure that you have the right program for your students. Our software combined with our comprehensive suite of assessment services help you get the most out of your data, assessments, and solutions.

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